We are recruiting for new members to join our dance classes in Halifax

The Anchormen, based in Elland, Halifax, are recruiting for new members to join their dance classes.

We have 3 different dance groups for boys and girls from aged 5 upwards. Our Cadet group are the youngest set of children aged 5-10. They meet every Tuesday evening from 6.30pm for an hour. Sessions are £4 per week.

All the kids get to make new friends whilst learning new dance routines. One of the main benefits of joining a dance class if for the little ones to build up their confidence. It’s amazing how some children that start dance classes with the Anchormen are shy and very quiet. After a few weeks, and more noticeable within a few months, we are always getting very positive feedback from parents to say how much their child has developed and become much more confident in themselves.

Here’s a picture of our cadet group at our dance championships in Worcester.


A bronze medal was a momentous result for such a young and talented group of dancers.

Where abouts in Halifax are the dance classes?

Dance classes for our cadets are held at the Savage Hall, Eastgate, Elland, Halifax. HX5 9DQ. We are in an old Methodist church next door to Morrison’s pedestrian entrance. There’s a side street you will see a car park and then the entrance to our building.

Who to ask about dance classes?

You can find us on Facebook ‘Anchormen Dance Teams‘. Or you can email us at info@anchormen.org.uk.

What to expect?

Every child is different. We try to encourage the new member to jump in straight away and try out a few dance warm ups. We make sure they have fun at their first dance class. Also, the first dance class is free of charge.

We love the Anchormen Dance Teams

Our members love coming to the Anchormen. One of our dance members is Joycelyn. She created a poster to help with the recruitment. It’s amazing! Joycelyn wasn’t asked to do it, she created the poster in her own time and presented it to her mum Amanda. Fabulous!

We have 3 dance teams

As well as our Anchormen Cadet group we have our junior and senior groups. The Anchormen Juniors are a little older aged 10 to 13 years old. A very, very talented group of dancers, who absolutely love coming to the dance classes.

The Anchormen Juniors train on a Tuesday night too. But their dance class starts after the cadets at 7.40pm until 9pm. Sessions are £4 per week.

This year, the Anchormen Juniors performed their show to a cover version  famously sung by S Club 7 called ‘Reach’. A stunning song, poetic lyrics and very suitable to the age range of members. A costume design and colour palette was chosen to compliment their show music.

These amazingly, talented, superstar, awesome, super group of dancers earned themselves a silver medal at their dance championships in Worcester, held on Saturday 30th March 2019. That’s so impressive since they all took a big step up from the cadet class to juniors.

Our senior group are the Anchormen A guard. A little odd calling them the A guard, but that’s the naming terminology used by our umbrella organisation WGUK, who the Anchormen organisation are members of. WGUK also manage and host dance championships. where most of these photos on this blog are from. We also call them the A Team.

So, our A team are our eldest group of dancers aged 12 to 15. Which is actually not much older than our Junior group. Go back 12 months and all the A team were in the Junior team! But their dance routine last year was so advanced and superior to everyone else in their class, the juniors were promoted to the A class.

Again, another super talented set of dancers eager to improve and the best they can be. Their 2019 program was called ‘The Power Of A Breath’ using music from Florence and the Machine. It was a tough battle having started the dance competition season in 7th place. At dance championships they had worked so hard, they were rewarded by making 4th place and getting into a finals spot! A great result for such a young group of kids!

My aim was to write a short blog about recruiting for new dance members to join the Anchormen family. It’s a long blog, apologies. But there’s so much to write about. It’s so much fun. There’s so much to offer the membership.

All the teaching staff, and all the parents who help out, dedicate their own free time to keep the Anchormen organisation ticking away. The Anchormen is a registered charity (516209). One of the main reasons we can keep our subscription costs down. That’s just £4 a week for cadet and junior classes.

Got Any questions?

You can find us on Facebook ‘Anchormen Dance Teams‘. You can email us at info@anchormen.org.uk.